Latest Surprise Piece of Artwork!!

Latest Surprise Piece of Artwork!!

I was delighted to round off the week with a new (and surprise) piece of artwork!

'After Hours' is my final drinks piece of 2019!  This one is a celebration of our favourite liqueurs, those naughty drinks we all love to indulge in from time to time! I have given this one a retro / 'old skool' style,  as many of these drinks I associate with the eighties (and before!) when they were a little more 'a la mode'. 

You still see bars well stocked with these delicious treats and the colours and shapes of these bottles are iconic. A fabulous fun piece to create, especially the play on names.

Another piece to make you smile! 

This original is on display and for sale at the wonderful Mason Laurence Gallery in Darlington, Devon - here's their website link -  Prints will be available very soon. Look out for them on the website over the coming days. You can always get in touch if you'd like to reserve one. 

So my drinks cabinet is well stocked for now, as it should be at this time of year!! 

After Hours, Liqueur piece by Jackie Gale

I certainly haven't finished creating for the year!  More pieces to appear over the coming weeks... 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 


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