Latest Textile Artwork!

Latest Textile Artwork!

It was definitely time for a new piece of Cornwall!! I've been working on this piece of art for a while and here it finally is! Inspired by the  the picturesque Cornish village of St Agnes, this is 'Aggie'. This is how St Agnes is fondly referred to by the locals.

This lovely village is steeped in mining history, hence the tin mine on the hill. I had to put one somewhere!

St Agnes Textile Art - Jackie Gale, Devon Artist

What is so special about St Agnes is the traditional unspoilt Cornish feel that you can't help but notice here.  The locals are very proud of where they live and you can certainly see why. Here you have some of the county's finest coastal walks, lovely traditional pubs, four beaches and surf! I hope I've done their beautiful village proud! 

I just love the tones of the ocean in Cornwall and the further South you go, the clearer those turquoise and swirly blues get.  It's not difficult to see why so many artists live in Cornwall as the inspiration is endless.

The original of this piece is sold and now living in 'Aggie', funnily enough!! This was a commissioned piece celebrating a special anniversary as well as many happy years living in this beautiful place.

BUT there are limited edition prints available and here is the link if you're an Aggie fan!

I'm gradually working my way around the county! One of my other favourite areas to visit and walk around is the Lizard Peninsula, so do look out for this appearing later in the year! 




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