Love Is In The Air...

Love Is In The Air...

Well, its the most romantic weekend of the year, after all!!! It's not often I create art with Valentine's day in mind but I couldn't resist creating these love birds! In fact the idea came to me while walking along our local beach last weekend. 

'Love On The Rocks!'


Love On The Rocks - Jackie Gale Textile Art

Hope you haven't got the Neil Diamond song in your head now!! This is a far cheerier version!! 

Many of you may have noticed my fondness of rocks and alpine plants by now but of course the champions of this piece are the gulls!! This heartwarming little original is now sold but I have been overwhelmed by the response to this one on social media and the newsletter feature. These two will appear again very soon!

As I suspected, this one is going to be a Valentine's day surprise.  How lovely is that! My little contribution to the most romantic day of the year!  

Look out for more mr and mrs gull pics - they are coming!!


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