Magic Night Sky In Progress...!

Magic Night Sky In Progress...!

A cosy evening in the studio working on a new piece of textile art.  There isn't much of a sunset out there but there's definitely a warm glow in here!

I'm working on 'Glow', another piece of pure texture and an interpretation of one of nature's finest images - a glorious sunset.  You can never watch too many sunsets and it is a total joy to create a warm and fuzzy one of my own.

Dramatic sunsets are seen all over the world and I was lucky to enough to enjoy the magic sunsets of Costa Rica over Christmas and yes these memories have certainly inspired this piece, however, one doesn't have to travel far to witness these beauties! I often see the most stunning of sunsets from my home in Devon and some of the best sunsets I have ever seen have been during visits to North Cornwall. 

Strips of beautiful colours and textures are gradually being added here, slowly creating the night sky drama.

I have been desperate to use this piece of copper in SOMETHING and I just knew it would come to me...

A glistening sail on the horizon, representing the scale of the ocean, a moment of calm and total immersion of the elements.

So enjoying this...

This piece isn't far from completion! Watch this space. I'm in the zone and could easily carry on until tomorrow's sunset!



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