Magnolia Time!

Magnolia Time!

Artists get very excited in Spring time.... as I may have mentioned many times before. Despite being in quarantine, most of us at least are able to get out and enjoy nature. In fact I am quite sure nature is being appreciated more than ever at the moment.  It never lets us down and there is always something new sprouting up for us to enjoy.

For me its the abundance of wild garlic in the woods and the cheeky little primroses popping up in the garden beds. Most of all though, its the magnolia. The queen of flowering shrubs. Did you know that magnolia is actually prehistoric!? Fossils have revealed that magnolia plants existed at least 20 million years ago. Pretty amazing eh!

Well I adore them and there are so many to admire around our little village at the moment. They aren't in bloom for long so you really have to enjoy them while you can. I have never managed to actually grow one of my own successfully so I opted for the art form version instead!!

Magnolia Art By Jackie Gale, Textile ArtistThis was piece I created about three years ago and it's one of those pieces that works wonderfully as a print too. I have featured magnolia in many of my floral pieces but this is the only one where it gets all the glory. 

A very intricate piece involving lots of fine work - always worth it for the end result though. 

I do have a small number of these prints left if you would like to appreciate this special piece of nature all year round. I only did a very small edition not realised how popular this one would turn out to be. Here's the link if you'd like more details

I actually love the Stellata variety of magnolia too.. yes, its on my to do list... 

Magnolia Stellata - Jackie Gale

In the meantime, enjoy the sun and most of all, enjoy the flowers.





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