Making A Statement!

Making A Statement!

Yep, that's exactly what I'm doing in the studio today! Super size textile art! Another sneaky peek of what will be on the menu at the 'Fusion' exhibition in April.


Seascape In Progress by Jackie Gale, Textile Artist


The floor looks tidier than usual, I must say! I rarely post 'behind the scenes' pics of my studio during a big project but I made an exception today as I think this gives a good indication of the scale of some of the pieces I'm creating for it. Both Shirley Kirkcaldy and myself are creating some dramatic seascapes and here is one of them! 

Fear not! They aren't all going to be this size, of course... 

I'm loving the scrummy beachy textures. Here's a close up...


Beach textile art by Jackie Gale


There's a lot more to do yet but I am loving this work. Manipulating the fabrics, finding treasures I'd forgotten I had and playing with sand. What's not to like!

It's amazing to think this was a pile of jeans and a few scraps of fabric at the beginning of the week. I do love my job! :) 


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