Making Waves!

Making Waves!

I'm making a splash this week in the art studio! A week of wave making and I'm rather pleased with progress so far! 

Waves has been on the to do list for some time and as I'm working on a coastal collection for a Spring exhibition, it seemed the perfect time! I could hardly do a coastal nature exhibition without featuring a wave or two! 


Wave Art By Textile Artist, Jackie Gale


These colours are wonderful to work with. Lots of scrummy texture forming a wave barrel, movement being the key aim. Tactile materials and reflective stitching really help create that essential feeling of movement.

Living near the ocean means I get to see lots of waves, particularly having a family of surfers too. So yes, I do have a quality assurance panel I can't disappoint too!!

I really wanted to achieve a feeling of depth with these pieces, hence the distant view of the beach, just the way one would see it if they were inside the wave. My aim is to work on different times of day, different perspectives and other angles. There are worse things to research than wave movement, thats for sure! 


Wave Textile Art By Jackie Gale, Devon Artist

Here is one mounted up and I'm so pleased with it.

There is something so calming about seascapes. Perhaps its the psychological effect of working with the blue colours, known for their calming effect on us and our busy minds. It's definitely therapeutic! 

I am creating these pieces for my exhibition in May but I'm hoping to make enough progress to have one available to buy by the end of the week! Look out on my social media or back here if you think you might be tempted! 


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