Miniatures In Progress!

Miniatures In Progress!

I have recently found myself in the mood for mini's! I love creating these bite-sized originals, especially after recently completing some rather large projects! I get to do so many subjects and themes in one week - great fun! 

Given what's going in the world, I felt a little cheer was required so there's definitely a bit of colour in this miniature collection. 

Here are some snippets of what to expect! These aren't the images in full - just sneaky peeks. There are also more but I thought I'd tease you with these ones first!


Miniature textile originals by Jackie Gale, Devon Artist

Something for everyone in this collection... bright little miniatures which have always proven so popular! They're sweet little 6x6" pieces and will be 12 x 12" once framed. 

Not long now! I'm still tinkering.... keep your eyes peeled!!


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