Monday Morning In The Art Studio!

Monday Morning In The Art Studio!

It's monday morning and I'm getting there!  For the past few weeks my textile artwork has been a little sporadic while juggling with school holidays and my art agenda for my big exhibition coming up.  Oh and there is the small matter of building my new studio at home!

As you can see something new is on the go and a little coffee to assist with  'mulling it over' is always needed - especially on a monday morning! I'm not even supposed to open on mondays but needs must at this busy old time!!! 

The exciting event of this morning is a lovely big delivery of delicious new fabrics!  Velvets, silks, vibrant prints and more!  It's not often I have a blow out in the fabric shops but I've a few pieces to create over the next few months so a perfect excuse! This wonderful turquoise chenille is going to make a shimmering lake for my brand new piece, 'Swan Lake'.  However, there won't be a pair of ballet shoes in sight! 

What you see is as far as I've got! What I do know is that its going to feature a pretty magnolia tree and a couple of swans (and more).  The first bit will involve lots of lots (and lots) of petal cutting... and coffee drinking.... and cake..... and a good audio book!  (I'm ashamed to say the two little petals you can see is as far as I've got!) 

I often and usually sketch out pieces before I take the plunge and start, although I've decided this one is going to evolve as I work my way through it. However, I may have to reach for the sketch book to practice my romantic pair of swans. 

I'll see you on the other side.... 

Oh and yes, you can see I'm showcasing one of my mugs in this image! My most popular mug in fact!  I have a few of these in the studio to take away if you're passing.  This wasn't an intentional plug of my products - simply the only clean mug to hand !!! 




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