My Art Is Going Green For 2019!!!

My Art Is Going Green For 2019!!!

Happy New Year to you all!! 

This year I have decided my New Year resolution for 2019 is to become an eco-friendly artist and go plastic free! From today, all of my art will be packaged in biodegradable materials.

Having just spent two weeks in beautiful Costa Rica, one of the most eco friendly countries in the world, I am truly inspired! 

We all know the damage that plastic causes for our environment. When thrown on land it makes the soil less fertile. When thrown in water it chokes our ponds, rivers and oceans and harms the sea life.  So I've decided to do my bit!

Greeting cards will be now be presented in bags made from potato starch, prints will be packaged with air sacs and cardboard and mounted prints will be wrapped in compostable cellophane. It's goodbye to bubble wrap and plastic bags!

Huge thanks to ArtFrame Solution - Picture Framers for supporting this incentive. My prints have always been framed in frames created from recyclable materials so they've been doing their bit for some time now! 

Once again, I wish you all a very happy new year! 

Going Green for 2019!! 💪💚


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