New Abstract Textile Work!

New Abstract Textile Work!

I've been working the textures and dabbling in abstracts again! I love this style of art and have been experimenting with this style for some time (behind the scenes!)

Using oodles of textures and colour (and even paint!!) these pieces are inspired by two quite different themes. I've been fraying, painting, shaping, stitching and making a jolly old mess in the process!! The textile creativity is endless and I've enjoyed this project so much.

This is 'Coast'.  Sand dunes, beach combing, glistening ocean, seashells and a salty sea breeze.  My interpretation of the seaside. 

Here it is in it's contemporary frame with non reflective glass to enable the textures to be fully appreciated. 
This one is 'Dusk. An early evening in Autumn. Rich earthy textures and contemporary shades of nature at this glorious time of year. I love this colour palette.
This one is on display and for sale at Wildwood Arts Dartmoor as part of their Autumn Exhibition, which opens tomorrow! 
Of course, with abstract art, an image can be interpreted and felt very differently through another pair of eyes! You may see something else entirely!!!
I hope you like them!
Both of these originals are available to buy. They measure 23 x 18" and are priced at £595 each. They aren't listed on my website yet but will be soon! Please get in touch if you are interested in viewing / buying. (
I am working on some more pieces similar to this, different themes again. I have so many in my head that I need to create. Some will work and some won't - it's all part of the process and of course, part of the fun. 


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