New Art In Progress!

New Art In Progress!

There's a punchy new Spring textile art floral on its way! Oodles of vibrant colour and a few favourite May blooms.

Here are a few snippets of what's in store...

Floral Textile Art by Jackie Gale, Devon ArtistBluebells, forget-me-nots, campions, peonies and a hint of apple blossom.  A fresh blend of Spring floral colour complete with fluttering red admiral butterflies. I have found that adding wildlife to the florals, particularly butterflies, provides that extra dimension of movement that these pieces need to really bring them to life. 

A composition designed to delight lovers of Spring colour and the beauties that arrive throughout the season.  It will be entitled 'A Day In May' and who knows, it could see the beginning of a new 'A Day In' series where I interpret every month of the year! Maybe not all in floral, I should add.  It seems florals are rather popular at the moment though, not just in textile either! 

This piece is now at 'snagging' stage! This is where the bulk of the work is complete and I'm doing finishing touches, tidying it all up and generally deciding if I'm happy with it!

When you work on a textile piece so closely for a period of time, it is essential that as the creator, you view it as a regular viewer (this isn't easy), hang it on a wall, photograph it and simply look at it for short and long periods in different lights, day and evening, until any niggles leave your mind! That is the essential completion process, summarised in a sentence! 

Now it's off to the photographer's studio and the publishing process begins!

The final version of 'A Day In May' will soon appear in my funky florals collection and most likely on my blog first! Watch this space and in the meantime, have a fabulous bank holiday weekend! 


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