New Eco Friendly Card Collection!

New Eco Friendly Card Collection!

I was thrilled to see my 'Wild Summer' design peeking out of the new Eco Friendly Card Company 2019 brochure over the weekend!

This award winning company recently launched a brand new collection of greeting cards featuring my art and here they are! All of their cards feature designs created by artists and I'm very chuffed to be one of them!!

Definitely a bit of everything here although I think the gin one is proving rather popular!!

I love that this company is so environmentally friendly! Every product is made from 100% recycled post consumer board and none of their products contain any plastic. The printer uses vegetable based inks and alcohol free technology powered by green energy Ecotricity.  All rather fitting since I decided to go green and plastic free at the beginning of the year!

Any of these cards can be purchased directly from the company and here's the link if you'd like more details


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