New Year Rum Bottle Doodles...

New Year Rum Bottle Doodles...

I haven't created any art since the beginning of December and I'm having withdrawal symptoms!!

Thought it was high time I started creating for 2019, even if it's just sketching!!! During my Christmas break my head was full of new ideas for new pieces and so the sketch book came out last night and I started getting some of those images on paper! The cosy fire certainly helped!

I am breaking tradition this year! January is normally full of non creative work - a time when I catch up on admin, get my machines serviced, source new materials for the year etc. However, I'm in the mood for a little textile art, so I can at least make a start.  

Rum bottles in case you hadn't guessed.  So much fun to be had here!  I loved creating my gin piece and it has proven very popular so I have decided to venture into rum this time. Rum conjures up images of pirates, holidays, the Tropics and of course Naval ships and sailors. I also understand rum is becoming the trendy new tipple!! Such fun work creating the names and label designs!  I may have to indulge in a little practical research! i.e rum tasting, despite it being dry January ha ha. 

So let the fun begin.... I'll be back with progress pics very soon. 





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