On The Rocks!! Art In Progress!

On The Rocks!! Art In Progress!

A first sneaky peek into the artwork I'm creating for my next exhibition at the end of April! A rugged, rocky seascape filled with oodles of texture. I'm loving it! Rather like being at the coast, it is such a calming theme to work with. It's positively therapeutic and with these pieces, like much of my work,  it's all about the tiny details. The bit I really really love. 

This is a very good taster of what to expect at this show. Along with Shirley Kirkcaldy's wild, dramatic seascapes, expect lots more like this. Our multi-dimensional exhibition will feature stories of the ocean, wild flora, moody blues and unique perspectives of our glorious coastline. A story of coastal nature. This project is so exciting and I always enjoy a collaboration, especially with an artist whose work I love. Merging and exchanging creative ideas, styles and vision can bring a whole new level to an exhibition of art and enables a story to be told on so many more levels. Exciting indeed.


Work In Progress - Seascape - Jackie Gale Artist


Interestingly, as I'm creating this, my thoughts keep turning to my garden as a child. Like most gardens in the seventies, we had a rockery!!! Everyone had a rockery! I used to adore the sweet little 'baby' plants peeking through the cracks, in so many shades of green and turquoise, often with scrummy little flowers peeping out.  I think this is where my love of succulents began!

I will continue to keep posting snippets such as this, although as always, I'll be keeping the big reveals for the show! 

Shirley Kirkcaldy and Jackie Gale - Art Exhibition

As you can see from one of Shirley's seascapes here, we are working with a fresh muted palette and our pieces are working together beautifully. To see more of Shirley's work, here's a link to her website www.shirleykirkcaldyart.com

'Fusion' opens on the 30th April at Harbour House in Kingsbridge, Devon.  I'll be giving more detailed information out over the coming weeks. 




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