Oriental Art!

Oriental Art!

Here's a sneaky peek at one of the pieces which will be on display at my forthcoming exhibition at the Theatre Royal from 8th December. 

Here's my little Miss Saigon! You'll be able to see the entire piece at the exhibition - I'm keeping most of it under wraps until then!  This one has been fun! Combining ancient with modern architecture, an oriental theme and of course a bicycle, which is a first.  Capturing personality and in fact creating people is always a challenge with this medium of art but I hope I have portrayed a young free spirit here in a rapidly changing and beautiful part of the world.  

Each piece I have created tells a different story and as much as I've loved this exciting project from the start, this one is certainly up there as a favourite. 

What is so great about this 'Showtime' project is that it has taken me to so many places and challenged me to interpret themes I would never have before considered for my style of work.  It's very healthy practice for any artist to challenge themselves and confront the unknown! - it's the only way we develop and get better! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more snippets to whet your appetite! 


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