Oriental Art Inspiration!

Oriental Art Inspiration!

I do love a mood board and I've created this one to inspire my latest artwork, the final piece for my 'Show Time' exhibition in fact!

Using the titles of famous shows for the theme, I have the perfect excuse to venture to all corners of the globe (in my mind) and create places I have always longed to do.  This is one of them! I've been studying Saigon, officially known as Ho Chi Minh City, for some time now with the intention of creating this.  There is so much to write about this vibrant city but for this piece I am literally interpreting the title 'Miss Saigon'.  I will be telling the story of a young woman living in this ever changing city rich in history and culture.  Traditional meets modern in this artwork along with some glorious cherry blossom and wildlife.  This work is dream work to me, from the research, designing, gathering oriental textures to bringing it all together to tell the story.  

Look out for snippets of progress either here or on my social media posts.  

'Miss Saigon' is the final piece of a brand new collection of work I'll be displaying at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth from the 8th December.  Other titles include Romeo and Juliet, Cats, South Pacific and 42nd Street plus many more.  There'll be something for everyone here and what fun I have had creating it all! 

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