Pub Art!!

Pub Art!!

Delivering this 'Swan Inn' limited edition art print to the Swan Inn pub today was no hardship!! I adore this gorgeous waterside pub in Noss Mayo in Devon and I am very chuffed that my art is now on display in there!

The pub is under new management and they seem to love art, especially local art.  A perfect example of locals supporting locals. 

I created this piece a couple of years ago and it's still very popular.  As with all of my prints, there is a limited edition and in this case its 50! I have to start thinking about which pub I'm going to do next! The original is also for sale, hanging in my studio patiently awaiting it's forever home. 

I really adore the colours I've used in this piece and I think they reflect perfectly the vibrant jolly vibe that I associate with this wonderful place.  A place for locals, visitors, sailors and walkers. I have many fond memories of watching my daughter sail on this river and equally fond memories of crabbing off the quay in the picture. I'm sure I'm not alone with that one - it's still a popular pastime in these parts!

I should mention it's not the only pub in Noss Mayo I've recreated! 'The Ship' was one of the first pieces I ever created! 

A very different colour palette to 'The Swan' and seeing the two shows how I have intensified the colours I use over the years.  That said, people like different colour schemes and although I use mostly vibrant colours now, I do like to mute them from time to time and create something a little more on the pastel side.  Variety is the spice of life!


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