Rainbow Art Coming Soon!

Rainbow Art Coming Soon!

Yes, I'm climbing aboard the rainbow train! Everywhere you look at the moment, there is a jolly rainbow to be seen, in house windows, on social media, pinned to lamp posts and I even saw a beautiful chalk drawing on a pavement yesterday.  

As we all know, these gorgeous images have been springing up since the Coronavirus outbreak to spread hope.  Such a wonderful idea and a positive thing for children and adults alike to focus on during these trying times. 

So here's my palette!!! 


Rainbow Art In Progress by Jackie Gale

I've finally managed to establish a work routine that works for everyone!! Yay!! We're all having to adapt the way we work and creating hasn't been a priority, of course. However, I am now itching to crack on with a jolly bright piece in order to keep spreading the hope! 

I'm liking the idea of jolly beach huts for this!! 

Watch this colourful space!!!




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