Rock Candy...

Rock Candy...

I have to confess that I have a slight obsession with coastal rock plants or rock candy, as I call it.  As a textile artist, I am naturally drawn to texture and I love  their gorgeous lines and crevices, not to mention their assortment of shapes and colours. It's those little succulents and wispy plants sprouting in-between them that really fill me with joy. Marshmallow thrift, yellow kidney vetch flowers and lichen, so many more.

Coastal rocks and plants by Jackie Gale

As you can see, I've been working on my own coastal rockery and I'm loving it! 

They so remind me of my garden as a child. In the seventies, everyone had a rockery! Although we didn't live by the sea, they still had that same charm. Like a little town of miniature plants peeking in between boulders. Alpine plants are so tactile too which is probably why I love them so much.

This image is part of a bigger piece which I have (finally!) completed. I actually started it in March! 

I seem to have various pieces in progress and decide which one takes my fancy on the day! Nice way to work :)

Seagulls Rock by Jackie Gale Art

This one is actually called 'Seagulls Rock!' but I have to confess it's definitely more rock than seagull - simply because I got so carried away! One could certainly see one of the seagulls as a rock 'hogger' too.. which is ironic given the hoarding issue we had earlier in the year - by humans!!

I do rather like seagulls, as pesky as they can be. 

This is a one off original and on its way to the gallery in Dartington shortly. This piece just has too much texture to work as a print. As fantastic as the print quality is, this amount of texture here couldn't be appreciated in a reproduction as well as I would like it to be, anyway. 

This piece is part of a coastal series I am currently working on - more to come very soon!!



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