Rolex Fastnet Race!!

Rolex Fastnet Race!!

I've just returned from my holiday and there's a lot of excitement around my home city of Plymouth at the moment!! 

The Rolex Fastnet race starts tomorrow and it brought to mind a piece of textile art I created a couple of years ago! 

This spectacular bi-annual event sees racing yachts and their big, bold spinnakers start out from Cowes in the Isle of Wight and finish at the breakwater in Plymouth.  People flock from all over to come the country and the world to witness this exciting finish and it all causes quite a stir in the city!

Here's an image of 'Jibe Ho', a piece inspired by this exciting event which is being held for the 48th time!

Capturing the energy and the vivid colours of this event were in mind with this piece, as well as ensuring a few technical accuracies as far as direction and sails were concerned! Many of the sails in the original of this piece were actually made from spinnaker sailing cloth offcuts, kindly given to me by a local sailmaker. These authentic materials and references make all the difference in textile art, really bringing life to the art and the story. 

Sailing and artwork go hand in hand and not just artists interested in sailing. Sailing and races in particular are exciting, filled with colour and movement and irresistible images for artists to recreate. 

I love this image of 'Jibe Ho' in a teenage boy's bedroom. A teenage boy who happens to love sailing, funnily enough!

This limited edition print is available to buy. Here's the link...

For more information on the Rolex Fastnet race, here's the link - there is a race tracker if you want to follow the action live!

Happy, safe sailing to everyone racing this weekend! 


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