Rum And Daffodils!!

Rum And Daffodils!!

It's feeling like Spring in the art studio this morning and I'm having a lot of fun!!  It may be a pretty dull day out there but not in here - the daffodils are brightening the place up beautifully!

This is my first piece of textile art for 2019 and another addition to my liquor collection!! This one's coming along very nicely!  A sneaky peek of a few of the bottles ready for labelling!  THIS is where the fun begins! 

I take classic well known rums and recreate them using quirky names and logos and I also create some from my imagination, inspired by a little research of course!

Think hearty rum swilling pirates, tropical desert islands, Naval sailors ashore, mojitos, rum cocktails.... There are so many associations with this delicious liquor I almost don't know where to begin.   Here's one of the many mood boards I've been using for inspiration!


Warm colours for a heartwarming tipple!  Choosing materials to suit the topic is also part of the fun.  Velvets, exotic silks, tiger and croc prints are just some of those I've selected.  Along with the quirky bottles, I'll be adding some tropical fruits, a mojito or two and lots of colourful quirky label designs.  I am determined to get this piece finished this week!  I may have to do a little practical research of course - I'm rather partial to a spiced rum and coke! I may leave this bit of the work until the weekend though! 

Look out for the finished piece - coming soon!!!

If you'd like to see a drinks piece I've previously created, check out 'The Gin Game' in the Show Time and Best Of British collections. There are prints available and they are proving very popular, for gifts especially!


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