Sketching In The Sun!

Sketching In The Sun!

Like so many artists, I thought I'd make the most of the glorious weekend and go to the beach with the sketchpad!

I'm very fortunate to live so close to so many beaches and Wembury was the place of choice today. I love the rock pools and it's a perfect place to sit and view the Mewstone as well as the lovely Ramehead peninsula in the distance. I'm working on a commission of this area, hence the need to refresh my memory and get a few doodles down.

The sun was glaring directly at me, hence the squinting!! Not that I'm complaining - the weather was amazing, a perfect September day.  September is one of my favourite months, the summer sun is still lingering, the leaves are beginning to turn and the log burner gets lit! The sea water is still warm and there is just enough chill in the air suggesting Autumn is on it's way. 

Sketching is an essential part of any artistic process, including textiles.  Due to the way my work evolves during it's creation, pieces rarely look like the initial sketch, however, they are still an important starting process and composition, despite my naive style, is something I always have to consider with any landscape.

I will have some of my sketches and mood boards on display at my forthcoming exhibition at Kingsbridge, next April.  My best ones, of course!!! 


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