Snowdrops Everywhere!

Snowdrops Everywhere!

Who doesn't love a snowdrop?!  I created this piece of textile art a couple of years ago and was reminded of it this morning while out walking in our local woods. Snowdrops everywhere! In fact the woodland was carpeted with these beauties.

The snowdrop is the first flower of the year.  Often the blossoming of the snowdrop is a sign that the winter is transforming to springtime.

Snowdrops symbolise hope, the hope that winter will finish and new warmth will enter our lives. I'm hoping it will enter my studio too - it's pretty parky in here this morning!! Snowdrops are also a sign of new beginnings and in a way that reflects my current mindset as my exhibition is coming to an end and a new chapter about to begin. 


Despite how much I loved the endless sunshine on my recent holiday and the appeal of year round sun, I couldn't live without our changing seasons. Despite the bitter frosts, nuisance leaves, dark mornings and so on, they are magical. They take us on an enchanting journey throughout the year, giving us artists new delights and energy to nourish our creative souls! 

The original snowdrop piece featured here is sold but is available as a box canvas print (20 x 20cms). They are available to order for £30.  Please drop me a line if you are interested.

I also have a 'Seasons' textile art collection, which is an ever-growing collection of my seasonal favourites!  Here's the link to the collection 




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