Special Robins...

Special Robins...

Don't you just love a plump little robin?!

I often feature these adorable feathered friends in my artwork, especially in autumn and winter pieces. I really ought to feature them in all of the seasons though, as they are with us all year round and I LOVE them. In fact, so many people love them as I am discovering.... for many special reasons.

I always love to know the reason behind choices of artwork, whether it be a personal purchase or a gift. As well as being incredible

As well as simply being adorable and associated with the festive season, what has become apparently clear of late, is that many people choose work with robins in as a reminder of loved ones no longer with them. I'm sure you've all heard the saying, 'when robins appear, loved ones are near'.  It's a lovely feeling as an artist to know that something you have created brings a little joy at such times. 

Always Here, Robin Artwork By Jackie Gale

The sentimental association with robins was in my mind when I created this piece, 'Always Here'. The older robin looking over the younger one, suggesting a feeling of paternal (or indeed maternal!) affection and safekeeping.

Ironically, you rarely see two robins together! That's artistic licence for you! However, they are loyal garden birds and tend to stay in the same place once they've settled, hence many people see the same one each day. 

On The Fence, Autumn Artwork By Jackie Gale, Textile Artist'On The Fence' has more of an autumnal theme and features one plump little chap! It always amazes me how adding one little character can bring a piece of work alive. 

Romeo And Juliet - Robins by Jackie Gale ArtistUndeniably a festive piece, 'Romeo And Juliet' are my latest little robins, perched happily on a postbox, guarding the mail!! 

I'm now totally in the mood to create some more red breasted friends and once I've got the studio looking Christmassy, I'll be getting to down to some creativity. 

All of these pieces are available as limited edition prints - they can all be found in my 'Nature' collection. Here's the link to view them all and find out more. 



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