Spring Art Mug Giveaway!!

Spring Art Mug Giveaway!!

Every March I run a Spring Art Giveaway and this year it's a free mug created from one of my designs with EVERY print order throughout March!!!  Rather handy with Mother's day coming up too!! Mums do seem to like them!!

There is a huge variety of designs and you may even get one of my brand new ones hot off the press!!

'42nd Street' and 'Sunset Boulevard' are my latest designs... if you have a special design request do let me know and I will do my best.  You can either drop me a line by email or there is a box for a message at the checkout.  

These bright and cheerful mugs are excellent quality, dishwasher proof and make great gifts!!! 

They are available to buy in my gifts collection, priced at £9.  There is wide variety of designs although not all of my art images are suitable for mug design. I'm often asked for a bespoke mug and I will always do my best but as a guide, my square art images are usually unsuitable I'm afraid. 

Here's the link if you'd like the see the range of gifts, including mugs


Please note also that I am always happy to send prints and gifts on your behalf accompanied by a greeting card with your message. You can be assured that they will arrive gift wrapped too!  I will need a weeks notice if at all possible - just in case the item isn't in stock! 

Have a great March!!



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