Spring Is In The Air!

Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is certainly in the air and the sunshine is pouring into my art studio this morning (between the showers!)

I raided the garden and found these lovely beauties! Evidence that indeed, spring is on it's way. This season has the most beautiful colour palette and the pure freshness of spring flowers never fails to bring a smile. So here are the results of my spring treasure hunt.... 'Spring In Miniature'!!


Spring Flowers Miniature display By Jackie Gale Artist

I love these old school milk bottles! I bought them years ago and although a little more effort is required to display them, it's a very effective way of arranging mini little blooms like this... They've certainly brightened up the studio!

Spring flowers have inspired much of my artwork but in particular, this one! 'Wild Pickings' was one of those impulsive pieces I created last year, around now I would say! It's remarkable how similar this little arrangement of colour is to the piece I created!

wild pickings textile art by jackie gale

Fresh from the hedgerow! Well, that was the intention when I created this piece. You cannot beat fresh wild blooms... 

'Wild Pickings' is available as an original or a limited edition print. Here's the link if you'd like more information on this piece.


Of course, the other great beauty that is beginning to emerge is the queen of flowering shrubs... magnolia! Sadly, I've never managed to successfully grown one but I have created an art version! 

Magnolia Textile Art By Jackie Gale


This original is sold but there are prints available if you're a magnolia lover! 

Here's the link for that one too..


Hope you are enjoying the wonderful sunshine as well as the beautiful flashes of spring candy in the garden!



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