Swimming In Textures!

Swimming In Textures!

Yes, I'm swimming in rich delicious ocean texture today. You may have noticed from my recent blogs that my textile art has taken a turn towards abstract style of late and I'm so enjoying the creative freedom this type of work allows.

I am totally loving using textures to interpret the ocean here in, strictly speaking, a semi-abstract style.  This piece will be so rich in layers of embellished textures,  the aim being to take you away to the vast ocean so much so that you can almost feel the sand and sea. 

Textiles add a wonderful dimension to abstract style art and give us another level of interpretation. I can't wait to get this finished and see what you think. It will be a vast piece, measuring 1.5 metres wide, a one off original.  

I had better warn you. I may get hooked on this new style! At least for a while! I have so many ideas of other projects swimming around in my head. I also love the resourcefulness of this work - using special little pieces of textures that I've been squirrelling away - putting together mood boards of fabrics and sketches. It's a great creative process which is flowing exceptionally well right now. 

Ok, back to the workbench for me - there's a mahoosive amount of stitching yet to do!


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