Textile Art Printing - A Peek Behind The Scenes!

Textile Art Printing - A Peek Behind The Scenes!

I spent this morning in Plymouth editing and 'proofing' my latest piece of textile art, 'Sweet Williams'! I'm often asked about the printing process, so I thought I'd post a few 'behind the scenes' pics and explain how its done!

Once the original has been professionally photographed, it is then digitally edited to ensure it is an exact reproduction. It usually takes several proofs before perfection is reached (and I am VERY fussy!) 

The Giclee printing process is next, hence the term 'Giclee' print.  This is a fine art printing method which uses special inks and superior archival paper to ensure the textures and colours of the original are captured perfectly.  Not only does this method ensure the finest quality art print but also ensures the prints won't face, even in sunlight.

The proof I'm holding in the bottom right image is the first of many! 

My prints are produced on a limited edition basis, usually 95, each one being numbered and presented with a signed certificate of authenticity.

You can view my complete collection of textile art originals and prints at www.jackiegaletextileart.com

A huge thank you to Bretonside Copy of Plymouth for their first class service always! wwwbretonsidecopy.com






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