The Beauty Of Decay...

The Beauty Of Decay...

Inspired indeed!!! As part of the research for my next art exhibition, I decided to visit the old boat wrecks at Hooe Lake in Plymouth yesterday. The light was perfect and the tide was low, enabling me to get close and take a good look at the 'hulks'. I just loved the ageing textures and beautiful colours of the peeling paintwork. Amazing structures and shapes. There is so much history sitting here with some of the vessels being over a hundred years old. The stories they could tell! Sadly the names can no longer be seen, but each one has it's own character and no doubt it's own number of seafaring tales. If only these hulks could talk! 

These images of beautiful decay have certainly inspired me and there is no doubt that some of these textures will feature in the exhibition. 


Wreck beauty of textures by Jackie gale

Boat Wreck Inspiration By Jackie Gale


I adore this colour combination and to see it in such a natural environment was an absolute joy.  The mustards seems to be intensifying with age and together with the blue flakes of paint and the lichen, it just the most beautiful texture rich image. It is impossible not to touch.... the velvety textures just draw you in.  


Boat Wrecks In Hooe Lake By Jackie Gale

This place is known as a boat graveyard and the peaceful calm really did give the impression of a final resting place. So atmospheric. 
Skeleton Ship Wreck By Jackie Gale
A skeleton rich in aged rusty texture. Beautiful. 
Carpet Of Moss By Jackie Gale, Textile Artist
Another skeleton on a huge scale... I love the carpet of rich green moss..
Old Quarry Barge By Jackie Gale, Textile Art
The light seemed to turn this picture into a sepia colour way.... which suits it perfectly. An old quarry barge floating on the water. You can see the village of Hooe in the background. 
An inspirational afternoon which filled the senses. I would definitely recommend a visit... it's a lovely walk around the lake too. 
You can learn more about these fascinating wrecks at  I've lived around here for many years and this is the first time I've been to see these!! 


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