The Joy Of Textile Art!

The Joy Of Textile Art!

Any coastal piece of textile art is not complete without one of these chaps!! This pensive seagull is sitting on some rocks at Hope Cove and the reason I've shared him with you today is that this image demonstrates perfectly just why I love textile art so much. 

I have used a beautiful velvet for the ocean and I love the way it shimmers against the rugged suede rocks.  Light and movement can be created beautifully with textiles - just a case of combining them well and letting the materials move around a bit.  When you get it right it's joyous! Fabric is my paint and threads are my paintbrush and the possibilities really are endless.

Big complex pieces like this take a while and it's because of all these details, both creative and technical, that takes the time. I've learnt never to rush work.  I stop when I am 100% happy with every inch of it - maybe it's the perfectionist in me. 

I decided to make the most of the extra evening light yesterday evening and spent some time in the studio working on this new piece which is 'Hope Cove' by the way! I'm being a bit of a tease and not showing you all of it now but hopefully you'll get a good idea of how it's going turn to out! Busy and colourful! Just like the place itself. My little seagull friend is perched on the bottom right of the picture... I think he needs a few more friends of his own though! 

Hope Cove is coming soon.....


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