Time For Some Fun!!

Time For Some Fun!!

My art has been very nature based of late and as much as I love that style of work, I've decided to switch to some illustrative work! A new drinks piece is in order!!! Having been nagged (nicely) many times for a vino piece, at last I am working on one!!

My drinks cabinet has definitely been missing a wine themed piece and this one is rather a lot of fun! Here's a little sneaky peek... 

Wine Textile Art In Progress - Jackie Gale

This is the fun stage - designing the labels, creating a few new ones of my own and playing on ones rather well known! I've yet to rearrange them in the wine cabinet, but thought this would give you a little taster!

There are a few throwbacks so expect to see one or two 'retro' brands and I couldn't resist adding one or two references to the peculiar times we find ourselves in at moment. Trouble is, this piece is getting bigger and bigger, so it won't be the normal square of drinks I normally create, I've gone a bit mad this time!

I always like to do a little research with my work and I've been quite interested to learn a number of things....

Wine in literature often connotes happiness and friendship. It is also a symbol of transformation, as grapes undergo transformation when they are fermented.

The bible symbolises wine as  love toward the neighbor and the good of faith, may be seen from what has been shown in respect to the bread and wine in the Holy Supper. Wine also represents joy, celebration, and festivity, expressing the abundant blessings of God.

Whatever the reasons, most of us like to enjoy a glass of the grape juice from time to time and of course, we all have our preferences. You may find one of yours in this piece!! 

There are a few accompaniments in this one AND I haven't just presented the vino in bottles either!! All will be revealed very soon!!!! 

I am looking forward to revealing! A few days yet, I'm afraid but do watch this space!! 



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