Time For Wine!!!

Time For Wine!!!

Well, it's actually called 'Time To Wine!' Here is the latest addition to my Drinks Cabinet collection and it's definitely one for lovers of vino!


Time To Wine - Drinks Cabinet Art By Jackie Gale, Textile Artist

This has been a long time coming!!

There are some well known bottles you may recognise here and as always, I've gone a little retro! Do you remember Chianti in a basket?! A vivid image I recall sitting on our kitchen worktop as a child.  Blue Nun was the standard drink of the Eighties, as was Portuguese Mateus but these days of course,  my palate is a little choosier, ha ha!!  There is humour, nostalgia and quirky detail - the main ingredients of my drinks pieces. Love creating them.  I have also added a couple of references to these peculiar times we find ourselves in!  

I've tried to recreate a rustic style wine cabinet, giving this a warm cosy and inviting feel... making you just want to reach for a glass and take your pick.

The original of this is certainly a biggie! I got carried away on this one.  It measures 42 x 30" and here it is in it's wonderful heavy rustic dark frame.  You can find out more information here.  :) 


Framed Wine Art By Jackie Gale Textile Artist

I dropped this one off to the Mason Laurence Gallery in Dartington today and it is now hanging happily in the window. It is available to buy and delivery can, of course, be arranged.  

Limited edition prints are now available too - please see my Drinks Collection for more info :) 

Well, tonight is Presidential Election night - you may be needing a real glass or two of something strong!! 


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