Vitamin Sea!!

Vitamin Sea!!

I've spent the entire weekend on the glorious Cornish coast, gathering inspiration for my next art exhibition!! A great big dose of vitamin sea and a head full of exciting new ideas. 

Hours of walking along the beautiful coastline, clearing the cobwebs and enjoying the wonders of nature. All I need to get going on this new collection.  There is nothing like immersing yourself in nature to find inspiration, especially at the beach! The frost at this time of year seems to really bring out the beauty of the landscape and it's finer features. Trees, hedgerows and rocks take on a whole new identity. I love it. 

So many rich textures, colours and contrasts. So many photos!! Here's a few snaps of the many gems I captured.. 

coast textures Jackie Gale Art

The velvety moss covered ocean worn granite, scattering of lichen and the spiky rusty barbed wire. Such a combination of natural and manmade textures that work beautifully together. I particularly love the splash of ochre yellow in this picture, providing such a warm focus to this wintry palette.

Sand ripples Jackie Gale Textile Art

The pools of water in these perfectly formed wavy sand ripples, glistening in the sun. Beautiful shapes, structure and light echoing the ocean waves. Pure joy.


So I think you get the idea of where I'll be heading with my new collection....

I will be exhibiting alongside my friend and fellow artist Shirley Kirkcaldy who happens to share my love of the coast. Our exhibition, Fusion, is running next April at Harbour House in Kingsbridge.

My textural coastal interpretations and Shirley's dramatic seascapes will work so well together and we just can't wait to get going on this special project now! I may go very quiet in January and February!! Look out for snippets!! 


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