Wild Pickings!! New Textile Art...

Wild Pickings!! New Textile Art...

A new piece of textile art!! I couldn't resist creating something wild and fresh and here it is, 'Wild Pickings'! A handful of Spring hedgerow thrown into a vase.  These gorgeous fresh colours make us all think of Spring happiness and those beautiful colours that grace our hedgerows, meadows and gardens. 

Flowers make us happy, they make us smile.  Bring a piece like this to life is a wonderful job for me and it turned out exactly how I had planned it in my head.

Textiles are a perfect medium for floral work.  The scope for creativity is vast with so many textures to play with.  The overall result of any piece of textile art, particularly florals, is the multi dimensional quality it gives.  It is often said that textile art brings life and warmth to a room and of course there is so much detail to study and enjoy too.  Feedback like this is always music to my ears and therefore I will never stop creating pieces like this!

This original textile artwork is now on display and for sale at the Wildwood Arts Dartmoor gallery Spring Exhibition.  A beautiful little gallery located in the village of Horrabridge, near Yelverton. They are open Tuesdays until Saturdays and the exhibition is open until the end of May. For more information please visit www.wildwoodartsdartmoor.co.uk

I am planning to publish prints of this piece - I will let you know as soon as they are available.  

You can view more of my floral work on my website in the 'Florals' collection.  



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