Working The Denim!

Working The Denim!

Its a perfect day for creating! Cold and wet outside, cosy and warm in my workshop!  I'm working with one of my favourite materials this morning! Vintage denim. It's perfect for moody oceans and a great backdrop for many of the pieces I'm creating for the next exhibition. Denim is a fabulous textile to work with! Old jeans and 'proper denim' as I call it, frays beautifully and helps to create a wonderful sea spray effect.

As you can see below, I often combine it with teal velvet and blue chenilles and the overall effect is so multi-dimensional. Forming and slicing the strips is the painstaking bit, but so worth it!


Denim Textile Work - Jackie Gale Artist

All I need now is some sparkly thread to stitch it all together - another way of adding sparkly sea movement. This is just the background to these pieces by the way, there's a whole lot to add yet but this will set the tone for the whole piece. A few surprises ahead!  

I have SO many pairs of vintage jeans, thanks to the lovely team at St Luke's charity shop, who always save me the ones I like - in exactly the right shades!! I always ensure they aren't fit for purpose and definitely too worn to wear. In fact, the more worn, the better for this job! 

Denim Textile Artwork, Jackie Gale Art Blog


So that's another sneaky peek of exhibition work in progress... more snippets to come! 


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