Jackie Gale

Jackie Gale’s art journey began in the Midlands, where she was born. A childhood spent surrounded by easels, paintbrushes and creative projects.  She was forever creating collages from anything she could find, including garden cuttings, fabric trimmings, even cardboard boxes.  She believes her resourcefulness stems from those early years.

A self-taught artist, Jackie blends her passion for naïve art with textile creativity to tell a story of a place or theme.  Narrative is an essential component of her work and she tells the story with texture. Favourite artists who continue to inspire her for their storytelling ability include Fred Yates, Henri Rousseau and Bryan Pearce. Much of her time is spent continually looking for new and unique materials to give added interest, depth and humour. She loves to use textiles relating to the topic or theme that she’s working on to add authenticity as well as visual interest. Fabric is her paint and thread is her paintbrush. More than anything, the main aim of her work is to bring a smile, revive happy memories or simply capture a place or theme in a totally unique style for others to enjoy.  

Jackie Gale on the Beach, sketching artwork

Jackie seeks inspiration and creative opportunity wherever she goes and firmly believes every place has a story to tell. Her sketchbook is always close to hand for when inspiration strikes.

In 2015, she was extremely honoured to be awarded 'Best Up & Coming UK artist' by the Guild Of Fine Artists.  Since this time, she has attracted national and international interest in her work, including many collectors.

jackie gale textile artist