Jackie Gale

Jackie Gale’s art journey began in the Midlands, where she was born. A childhood spent surrounded by easels, paintbrushes and creative projects.  She was forever creating collages from anything she could find, including garden cuttings, fabric trimmings, even cardboard boxes.  Foraging for project materials became a regular pasttime and she believes her creativity and resourcefulness stems from those early years.

A self-taught artist, Jackie blends her passion for naïve art with textile creativity to tell a story of a place or theme.  Narrative is an essential component of her work and she tells the story with texture, colour and a unique style of illustration using free motion embroidery.  Her colourful, creative personality shines through her work and the quirky details add refreshing humour can't fail to raise a smile.  Favourite artists who continue to inspire her include Fred Yates, Henri Rousseau and Beryl Cook.  

Jackie lives in South Devon with her husband, three children and Percy the cockapoo, her studio partner. Life in the SouthWest gives her endless inspiration for new work and she spends a great deal of time seeking creative opportunity while walking the coastline and over the Devon moors, studying, photographing and sketching. Her particular fascination is with colour, shape and ageing character of natural texture.  At the same time she loves capturing observations of every day life, looking beyond the ordinary and always finding humour. She believes inspiration is all around us.  

Jackie's work is continually evolving as she discovers new inspiration, new techniques and new textile materials to work with. Fabric is her paint and thread is her paintbrush. These aren't the only textiles you will find within her work though. Wood veneer, maps, dried flora and fauna and metallic materials often feature. Aged copper is one of her favourite metals to use.

In 2015, Jackie was awarded 'Best Up & Coming UK artist' by the Guild Of Fine Artists.  She was extremely honoured to receive this, not only in recognition of her work but also of the opportunity to raise the profile of textile art as an independent genre in the art world. Since this time, her work has attracted a national and international audience, including many collectors. 

When she is not exhibiting or teaching, Jackie loves to welcome visitors to her studio in South Devon.   Her work can also be seen and purchased at The Mason Laurence Gallery in Devon, the main stockist of her original art.                                  



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