Jackie Gale

Jackie Gale is a contemporary textile artist living and working in the South Hams, Devon.

Originally from the Midlands, Jackie is best known for her illustrative work which is filled with colour and light - sometimes with witty references, such as her sassy drinks pieces, and sometimes showcasing her unique take on the natural world, such as her vibrant florals and uplifting sea scenes…

Over time, Jackie has been developing her skills and exploring the endless possibilities that textile art allows. From this her style has become looser, more creative, letting the textures tell the story.

Every day Jackie’s imagination is sparked by her surroundings; the intricacies and textures of nature, the diversity of people, the beauty that the ageing process brings.

‘I encounter so much in my daily life that fills my senses and leaves me energised. I have a hundred artworks in my head, yet to be created’.

From an early age, Jackie was constantly inspired by the world around her and felt compelled to create. Dried leaves, garden waste or even a pile of discarded milk bottle tops were potential pieces of art.

‘I translate what I see and feel into my art.  Art is subjective and people often resonate with an image for a number of reasons.  I am always fascinated by the viewer’s perspective and how they often see something so entirely different to what I see. For me, art is an experience. Ultimately, I love to draw a viewer into a piece, where they can travel around, ponder, escape, enjoy.

Jackie exhibits her work across the country and has gallery representation in the Southwest. In 2015, she was awarded ‘Best Up and Coming Artist’ by the Guild Of Fine Artists.  

Her works are held in private collections in the UK and overseas.   



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